Runner's journeys, epiphanies & transcendence !

Runner's journeys, epiphanies & transcendence !

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This blog is a memoir of my running journeys, experiences, endeavours & epiphanies !

HM161: Trail run with Daniel in Marbæk plantation

RunningPosted by Rahul Yadav Sat, October 03, 2015 20:29:38
"Run as long as you can & as often as you can. One day the wheels will fall off & you will not be able to do that!"

Went out with Daniel for 'pre-sunrise weekend trail run' at Marbæk plantation to scout the route for our next trail running event (Marbæk Trail) we are organising on Nov 21st. It was hard run towards the end & somehow dragged myself in last 2km!

Glad we've discovered some really good challenging trails/route for all distances. Really looking forward to the event now.

Half Marathon#162

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