Runner's journeys, epiphanies & transcendence !

Runner's journeys, epiphanies & transcendence !

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Marbæk Trail 21st Nov

RunningPosted by Rahul Yadav Tue, November 24, 2015 13:25:59
One of our busiest & biggest running project was successfully executed yesterday (MARBÆK TRAIL 21st Nov 2015). It took us weeks & months of planning & preparation right from route planning all the way to race day execution & wrap up after the race. There are so many things that a race director has to take care of & the job becomes even more challenging when you are yourself developing the race management tool ( in parallel. And all this has to be done in the spare time after work, family & your own bit of running :)))

And it gets even bit harder when you are only two who have to take care of every bit. For example we had to go out marking the route from 8pm- 00:10am the night before the event. And we were home around 00:30. But not even once during the course marking in the middle of cold freezing night we got a thought why we are doing this? Infact after every 15-20 minutes we were telling each together that the route is so fantastic & we really hope our runners will like it.

We got tremendous response from the runners & had to extend the participant limit from 100 to 117. This is the biggest trail run event we've organised so far in terms of participants. Please note this kind of event attracts handful of runners mostly who really want to stretch their envelop & get out of the comfort zone. Running on trails not only requires physical effort but also keep your brain continuously engaged to carefully scan the path/trail/mud/water/stones/grass/roots/wood/leaves to ensure that you don’t fall

We’ve got th chance to talk to some of you after you’ve finished the run & we are overwhelmed hearing your feedback about the route & the event as a whole. We also got couple of good suggestions for improvement that we will definitely incorporate in our next event.

As I always say, watching the run & the runners from the other side is such a rewarding experience. When you organise a running event, its not about you or the event, its about them, THE RUNNERS participating in your race. Experiencing their lows & HIGHS & pain & SMILE is wonderful. And most importantly the happiness & satisfaction on their faces crossing the finish line is the biggest REWARD a race director can get. So much respect for our runners who ran & completed their first trail run yesterday. We're are so happy & honoured to be a small part in your successful journey/experience & to fulfill our only purpose at @RaceSignup & @West Coast Run Series i.e. 'Spread the the joy of running..." #RunShareInspire

Tons of pictures from the event here: LINK

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