Runner's journeys, epiphanies & transcendence !

Runner's journeys, epiphanies & transcendence !

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This blog is a memoir of my running journeys, experiences, endeavours & epiphanies !

HM#170: Comeback after 4 weeks hiatus

RunningPosted by Rahul Yadav Thu, December 24, 2015 17:02:35
Went out for an early morning trail half marathon after almost 4 weeks of hiatus from running. My body is totally detrained!!! Never ever I've struggled that much during a trail half marathon. What 4 weeks of not running can do to your aerobic system & muscle power!

Next big race (VUMB 100km+) is in the beginning of February & it's gonna be uphill battle from here!!! Let's see if I can regain my original fitness in such a short time frame, loose 3 kilos that I've gained in India & get back in shape. Any good advice is always welcome!


Wish you all a Merry X'mas!!!

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